It’s Kye Fawkes Night on the World’s GREATEST TV Betting Site. We’ve just won our readers ANOTHER 350% return after tipping Kye to hit the bottom two at 7-2. You’re late, so read this and then this first!

I’m going to be a patronising parent now. This is for the people who STILL won’t accept that red and black smoky effects are “unhelpful” and that fire is dangerous.

Fire throws you into the bottom two….

And if they really want to get rid of you look out for the red smoke…

Even in a final, it’s always a good idea to throw in a flame next to a head if you don’t want someone to win….

There are PLENTY of other examples. But frankly if you aren’t convinced now, you never will be. And you should be ashamed of yourself.

Last week should have been a massive massive warning sign. What’s going on here…? Scan to 2m 10. I laughed when I watched this back last week.

So, we have one clue that they are trying to nuke Kye. We always like a few more before we make a tip here at the world’s greatest betting site. There were plenty more…..

Back to being a parent. Why do you guys never listen? Fire Kills.

More in 60 minutes. Now go to your room.


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