KYE FAWKES NIGHT – Treason and Plot

It’s 11pm. On Kye Fawkes Night. We’ve just won AGAIN, an astonishing 7-2 tip meaning the site is rocketing up to an incredible 82.9 points or 8290%. Burning the bookies and back with a bang again. This is the site that told you to back sparklers Little Mix at 75-1 and 14-1 and 2-1. Red hot and truly incredible. I’ve been Catherine wheeled out of retirement for one explosive night, to point out that they have been trying to burn Kye, twice, live on TV so much so, they put Kye Fawkes on top of a Bonfire last night. 

If you’re late to the fireworks, read this  and then this and then this.

You’re probably thinking “all this is so obvious”. I agree. So here’s some more painfully obvious stuff.

In the past when Betsfactor has talked about subliminals we’ve talked about sneaky stuff like Wishing on a Star day.

I’m hardly being insightful when I write this next post….

If you hear the following, during a VT, from a much loved star, respected by millions, written many number ones and is one more charity fun run off a knighthood, does it portray positive or negative feelings?

– Flat, Flat, Flat, Flat.
– We’re a minute in, twelve flat notes.
– There were 32 flat notes in that performance in two minutes.
– That was awful.
– You’re going downhill.

It’s not even subliminal!!

Also, if Gary wanted a genuinely private moment with Kye and a Samsung tablet, he could have:

– Turned off his microphone.
– Asked the camera crew to leave.
– Picked any one of other 1439 minutes that day to have that conversation.
– Done it by Skype on his superb Samsung tablet.

I notice that we got a 20 minute piece on the exact reasons why Jade might give a duff performance. A UK medical expert on vocal chords, projects Jade’s swollen insides, in stunning high definition, on to our 42 inch screens. We got a day by day account of Jade’s struggle, a beautifully positive message of hope, written during the week on a Samsung tablet and a sombre piece to camera from Tulisa.

Kye had flu this week. Did he get similar treatment- in any sense of the word?

No, but just so you know, he did hit 32 flat notes in 2 minutes last Saturday.

Next, on the truly brilliant Betsfactor….

Midnight: The Bar’s Low. That pun only sort of works.

Noon Tomorrow: A fresh, very half baked theory, on a new way to nuke.


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