Delight The Demo – ALL NEW BRFAA

So I need you to know that this theory is very half baked and not quite fully formed.

The way I am playing it this year is to look for the contestants with the most BRFAA’s (TM) (Betsfactor Red Flag Alert Alarm) and compare this with the price I see on the screen. Ridiculously high price, but one or two BRFAA’s BUY (eg James Arthur to be in the bottom two last week, very high price, but a couple of red flags means I privately shoved a couple of quid on just in case – we’re looking for value here). Loads of BRFAA’s and a reasonable price (Kye Fawkes) – BUY. Low price and not enough BRFAA’s (eg Christopher last night), SELL.

Now, this is a half baked theory and also it’s important to state, that I haven’t quite formed it yet.

I’m calling it Delight the Demo.

Products and services are aimed at demographics. Pepsi Max is aimed at 15-34 with a skew towards men. The marketing is about adventure, excitement and skydives. Axa Sun Lifes’ over 50’s plan is aimed at pensioners who like Michael Parkinson.

What are the target demos for some of our contestants this year?

Jarmaine. OAP’s who want to see their grandson more often.

Ella – An advertiser friendly, pleasant, generic 15-44 female, who goes to Zumba and wants, or has, a family.

MK1 – People who smash up bus stops.

Christopher Baloney – Your mum.

Kye Fawkes – A worried 30 something woman who hasn’t settled down yet and feels she’s stuck in a rut with her career.

Rylan – Anyone who visits sunbed shops at least once every seven days.

District 3 / Union J – Early 20’s women with no more than two sexual partners thus far. Plus hormonal teenage girls.


And so on.

If your song choice doesn’t delight the demo, it’s a new BRFAA.

As time goes on, once you have less people in the competition, it becomes less important. However, for the first few weeks, you only need 10% of the vote to guarantee safety – so just delight your demo (one that votes!) and you’re safe. Equally, fail to delight the demo and no one else is going to vote for you.

In 60 minutes – Delighting Demos – Delving deeper.


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