Delight the Demo – Evidence

After an explosive Kye Fawkes Night last night, I’m churning out another Betsfactor Exclusive. Another half baked, badly written theory, full of holes and contradictions. Delight The Demo. Read this first. And Kye Fawkes Night is below if you missed all of that….

In week one, I agreed with commentators on the excellent Sofabet, that District Three were 100% lined up for a chop. There were loads of BRFAA’s, many of which we’ve been through before. But another BRFAA – Did the song “Delight the Demo”?

Demo: Early 20′s women with no more than two sexual partners thus far. Plus hormonal teenage girls.

Song: Tina Turner – Simply the Best. 1989 Smash Hit.

Song Demo: Male truckers and your dad who still thinks things were better in the 80’s

Does that song “Delight The Demo”(TM)?  Nope. They weren’t even born when that was a hit.

Next Week we had “All for One – I Swear”.

Demo: Early 20′s women with no more than two sexual partners thus far. Plus hormonal teenage girls

Song: All for One – I Swear

Song Demo: 30/40 something mums who remember this song in a mid 90’s summer.

Does that song “Delight The Demo”? Not really, right gender this time. Throw in a bit of red and black as an extra BRFAA. Bottom Two.

This week Madcon’s Beggin is FAR more likely to delight the demo, they throw in a decent production and District Three sail through.

What about Jarmaine.

Demo: OAP’s who want to see their grandson more often.

Does this appeal?

or this?

Contestants that have been in trouble, GENERALLY have failed to Delight the Demo. I would say MK1 were the exception, and personally, I don’t think the plan was for them to go this early.

I don’t think they wanted to get rid of Carolyn so early on – I think they just screwed up with an ill judged “diva” VT and couldn’t risk losing Rylan.

Carolyn Demo: People who like country music. So a 55 year old called Linda who lives in a bungalow and also a 48 year old divorced man called Tony who still believes that he could date Carolyn, if he just lost a bit of weight.

Song choice: A country version of this…!! Warning: This has disgusting explicit lyrics!

Do we think Linda and Tony have heard that before on Kiss FM?

Personally, I don’t think it was a deliberate nobble – I just think it was an error. She would have gone in five weeks anyway, but Rylan had to be saved at all costs.

So, what of Kye Fawkes….?

Demo:  A worried 30 something woman who hasn’t settled down yet and feels she’s stuck in a rut with her career. Let’s call her Hannah.

Song Choice: Last week Kye sang a bit of Dido. Hannah loved Dido and still has some of her albums. This week… erm. Something by a group called Swedish House Mafia. Do we think Hannah has a Swedish House Mafia’s album?

The song is so unfamiliar it barely registered in the Top 10 last year. He actually did a good version of it, but the song was so obscure that in Betsfactor Headquarters, a huge BRFAA was flying in the wind. The sirens then started blaring out when they decided to point out that he was incredibly flat, then the whole Betsfactor complex went into utter meltdown when they placed him on top of a BONFIRE! Hannah watched Kye, didn’t really have an opinion on him as she didn’t know the song and subconsciously didn’t really like the production. So she didn’t spend her 35p and actually quite enjoyed Ella who was on next.

If you don’t delight your demo in the first few weeks, you are in serious danger. There are plenty of examples from last year. I remember that hip boyband singing With or Without You by U2 for instance!

This theory is full of holes, for instance, these demos don’t all equally vote. Randy Tony never picks up his phone, the MK1 fans were all drinking WKD behind the back of ASDA etc etc, but it’s another Betsfactor Red Flag Alert Alarm to add to the pile.

I might write one more piece on something in a bit, so keep checking over the coming days – but then I will pop up on Sofabet as a one off guest appearance at some point soon. So keep checking there.

I can’t imagine this will be the last thing I write on Betsfactor this year!


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  1. This is just superb. It puts brilliantly into words what’s been hovering in my mind regarding recent song choices (Carolynne, Kye) that were a poor fit with contestants’ demographics. Tremendous stuff.

  2. A brilliant read!!!!

  3. Hoorah, you’re back!

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