KYE FAWKES NIGHT – Barlow Burnt Out?

It’s Kye Fawkes Night on Britain’s Premier Betting Website. The world famous site that just can’t stop WINNING.  There’s loads to read – start from the bottom and work your way up…. Or start here. This is the least interesting article of the evening, so don’t start with this one, whatever you do!

So what’s going on with Gary Barlow then?

Why is the bar low with his acts? And why do I persist in using puns that don’t quite work?

I get the feeling that Tulisa and Danni Minogue were always fully committed to their acts. Others are less so. Louis at least learns his acts names, but was apparently sometimes in Ireland during the week last year, as for Cowell, well don’t forget that he would be on a jet to LA most Monday mornings to record American Idol and often couldn’t even name the members of his groups.

If I was truly committed to the X Factor and felt that I would have several acts left by November, I’m not sure I would launch a nationwide tour starting 13th November.

Now, admittedly these are midweek dates.

There are ALWAYS “I Quit Next Year” rumours about every judge. Indeed, it’s often so when they are fired by Cowell, they can say “well I was planning to leave anyway” and save face. Gary Barlow could easily juggle promoting a new Take That album next autumn with judging the X Factor, but it’s another thing to bear in mind. If Fox do ditch the X Factor USA (Not *that* likely in my opinion), then King Cowell could make a triumphant return, as “Gary wasn’t that committed a judge anyway and wasn’t happy with the pantomime the show had become.”

I’m not hugely persuaded by that argument, but it’s worth bearing in mind.

The producers could know Barlow’s days are numbered, so they might as well nuke his acts. Gary may feel he’s quite sure he’ll only have one act at most in play by the time his tour starts. And I think he could be right.

More likely is that they want to save Rylan as much as they can. If Rylan is up against a Barlow act, it can be credibly taken to deadlock, where he has a chance of survival, if he’s up against, say, Jade – it can’t without a massive bust up. So Rylan vs Kye is fine, ditto Rylan vs Christopher also. It also generates a heap of more press as Louis gets the blame again from Gary and more fury etc….

Other reasons could be that the acts won’t sell tour dates. Also, they simply don’t make good TV and people aren’t interested in people like Kye and Melanie, so why keep them in, just get rid of them and keep the ratings higher.

“Oh here’s Kye, he’s a bit dull and there will be an ad break on soon, let’s see what’s on C4”

Whatever the reasons, Barlow could concevably be actless by the real Guy Fawkes night. I’m not convinced that Kye is off next week, they often get off the bottom (see District 3 and Rylan) for a bit. But neither of his acts will make the final… Which is annoying for judges duets….!

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NEXT: Noon tomorrow. A new “deramping” theory. Yes. BRAND NEW. Wow. I give you 7-2 tips and keep on giving.

Kye Fawkes Night. Boom.


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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed Kye Fawkes Night on the long awaited return of Betsfactor.

    I thought the same when I saw GB announce his tour dates but he’s contracted to the show and think if it got to the business end he’d just take his act away to Southend Pavilions (not a huge fan haven’t checked the itinerary) or wherever he’s rocking up to that week.

    However like you I don’t think it’ll come to that, although the Christopher topping the votes story for the first 2 weeks may suggest his involvement could go on for a few weeks more as it’ll take a few weeks for the producers to turn that around, they are trying like mad, but this wildcard idea could start to become a chain round their neck; still I expect Kye will go in a fortnight with Christopher, by then sufficiently battered by ‘cheesy’ comments, the following week. Then GB will come out in full support of Ella, knowing that a month or so supporting her will ensure he leaves the show with his reputation intact. The support of the first judge out does often help the eventually winner as you know their opinion isn’t clouded by mentoring another act, Louis last year got behind Little Mix when he was out quite early on.

    I think GB will go at the end of this series and this was always been the plan when he joined the series, I’m suprised this year hasn’t gone that well him I did think Kye would fare much better than he is, still he can still have a very big say in this years outcome, albeit from his tour bus in Southend.

  2. I’m wagering a fiver on your tips, I’ll buy you a pint with the winnings in a few weeks.

    • Er – don’t ever do that – and you won’t find many tips this year anyway. Seriously don’t wager any money on this nonsense, we just like to crow about it post the event!

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