STAGGERING – Betsfactor told you Ella was in “serious trouble”.

UNBELIEVABLE – Betsfactor told you Rylan was safe.

SENSATIONAL – Betsfactor told you the nuking of Christopher had gone wrong.


Each one of those three incredible calls*, explained in the next five days.

That’s not one INCREDIBLE PROPHETIC CALL explained.

It’s not two INCREDIBLE PROPHETIC CALL explained.

It’s an absolutely staggering THREE INCREDIBLE PROPHETIC CALLS** explained.

In full.

Inside the next 100 hours.


This site is so brilliant it’s getting very embarrassing.


* Calls we were so confident about, we didn’t risk a single percentage point of our 8290% gain.

** If someone can come up with a nice label for the three incredible prophetic calls, say hello in the comments, you might win some red and black wine gums. “Three incredible prophetic calls week” doesn’t really work”

*** I’ll also be on Sofabet inside the next fortnight as well – so keep checking on there as well.

**** The wedding guests***** were angry with me when I told them Ella wouldn’t win, they then were amazed when she went out; but sort of blamed me and I was the focus of their anger.

***** Two wedding guests.


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