STAR CRAZY – History

Welcome back to Star Crazy Day on Betsfactor. If you’re late to class, start here and pop back in a sec!

1pm – New History

It was about 9:30pm 12th Dec 2011, my little fat red face was getting redder. I was turning the colour of Little Mix’s set. Sweat was starting to form on my brow. Was the reputation of this fantastic blog about to set?

Amused texts and tweets were buzzing through. Were Little Mix being “red and blacked” on the final song, of the final final?

I started to panic. “Hold your nerve Richard. Betsfactor is universally acknowledged to be the planet’s greatest TV betting blog,  you know that. You will be nominated for that OBE. Listen to what Pery’s singing to you Richard ‘Come on courage teach me to be shy…’, it’s going to be fine.”

My heart was racing. I normally win £6.30 with my ‘Sunday driver’ style stakes, this would be a £1000 win from a total stake of about £20. That might be small fry to those guys at Sofabet… To me though, it’s not about the £1000, it’s about the 1000 posts I can write afterwards in a blaze of self congratulatory glory.

Then, suddenly, I realised, that red sky in the morning is not a warning.

It was as clear as Night and Day.

Marcus was put on in the middle of the night…

And were there any stars in his final sky!? Er. No. How Strange! And were there any stars on the suitcases from that ridiculous 747 he was about to crash land, the day before? Er. No.

So what was going on?

A new dawn is used again and again by the X Factor producers. Blues and golds and whites are used to promote people they want to win. The stars often come out in the final few weeks to give the chosen ones a boost… a rocket… like the one little Ella was riding .

Let’s take just one episode, from one year.

The Semi Final of 2010 was when they got most desperate. Mary Byrne AND Cher Lloyd in the final? Simon’s dreams of making One Direction the first billion dollar boyband sunk by a load of housewives in Doncaster, voting for a dinnerlady?

No way, it’s time to let the sun shine….

Cue Labrinth,

What’s that behind Rebecca?

What’s that shining behind One Direction?

And, can we spot something here – a slightly less obvious sun?

Noooooo….. Go back and actually click on the video. Don’t be lazy. I’m NOT talking about the background!

What’s strange is I can’t see any stars beaming down in Mary’s performance?

And…. just for good measure who did they decide to Kye Fawkes? Who was sent up in flames? Watch all of this!

Just so you know, the three contestants given the universe’s biggest star made the final. The two who didn’t hit the bottom two.

What an absolutely astonishing coincidence.

A new dawn. And this was just ONE episode of ONE series!

The planet’s greatest TV betting blog continues with Star Crazy at 3pm. We’re having a science lesson.

So what’s all this got to do with Ella?


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