Welcome to Betsfactor’s absolutely sensational STAR CRAZY day. This is the blog that…. (you know this by now).

We’re at the School of Betsfactor. You need to catch up,… So far we’ve had history, then more history, then science then the science answers and now…


This is why I felt Ella was in “serious trouble”.

I know any idiot can say this, and we have the benefit of hindsight – but I rushed to a wedding, I scanned through the show… On a different week, I would have put some of the Betsfactor Bank on Ella to hit the bottom two.

Why? It’s written in the stars.

I think you’re going to read this quite sceptically, but bear in mind that I don’t know if this star thing actually works, I don’t really care – all it does is give clues to the producers intentions. Knowing my luck, they will, of course, stuff stars all over Rylan and Christopher next week, but they’ll be “mixing it up a bit“!

Let’s have a look at last year. The following is just opinion, a point of view – based on absolutely no insider knowledge, so take all this with a massive pinch of salt. It’s a theory.

Last year’s show was WAY more shambolic than this year. It was the year they started ruining the franchise with crackpot twists and countless manufactured boybands. Amelia, who you might remember had been ditched, was voted back in half way through for no good reason. Imagine if she’d gone on to win?! It would have been an absolute disaster for the show. The public weren’t really loving Misha B, despite her talent. It was also critical that they nobble Janet, as they didn’t want her winning for a number of reasons. They really wanted Little Mix to win.

Marcus was the safe, dependable bet that they decided to back for the final, once they chose to get rid of Craig.

Here are the voting percentages.

Movie Night: Little Mix 26 / Misha 22 /Janet 15 / Marcus 14 / Amelia 11 / Craig 11.

Marcus is dangerously close to the bottom two AND they are so so close to getting Janet in the bottom two… At this point they must have been scratching their heads. “We gave him a choir, a great great staging, we made him look like Jesus Christ and we stuck him on last.” What are they doing wrong? Remember, the team at can’t see the vote stats until after the series ends, so we were thinking “Yeah, Marcus will have topped the vote with that one”. Fact was, he was just 3 points off the bottom two, despite being the second coming.

So what did they do when his vote was heavily depressed, despite throwing the kitchen sink at him that week?

All the stars came out.
It was THEN that they wheeled out all the silly stars, to try and boost his vote. Now you’re probably smirking, I’m NOT, repeat NOT, saying that “It was the Star wot won it” but this is just ONE signal of many.

When the stars came out, he survived the guilty pleasures week, with the red star and piano.

Amelia 24 / LM 22 / Marcus 21 / Janet 18 / Misha 15.

When it was more OTT for the semi final, he again survived, despite some very average performances. But that subliminal sun was beating down on Marcus…

LM 34 / Marcus 24 / Amelia 21 / Misha 20

The stars helped. Maybe they worked.

So, last year, the stars came out when someone needed a boost. They helped take Marcus from 14%, to 21%, to 24%. If I was a producer wanting to get rid of Christopher and Rylan and keep Ella, I’d be looking at that saying, well, who cares if it works or not, let’s get Ella a giant star tattoo on her entire face. It doesn’t matter if she’s wearing a square necklace or a star necklace to that premiere, so it might as well be a star one.

Do you agree that the number of stars on Saturday was crazy?

That she was just plastered in stars, the dress, the nails, the necklace, the references on the autocue(?) when Tulisa introduced her, the golden stars on the floor, the white stars behind her, the golden stars behind her, the star patterns on the side wall…?

Add that to singing about stars with a star guitar the week before.

It was Star Crazy.
It was desperate.

They should be saving their stars for the semi finals, not burning them out half way through the series.

That is what made me think she was in big trouble – (I look forward to the stats coming out in a few weeks and me being proved wrong!)

Add to that the song choice. Which was a complete mess.

I think they tried to be too clever, Grease is an absolute “delight the demo” movie though. Perfect for that broad “mum” demographic we talked about a few weeks back. I suspect they thought that this version would be that “wow moment” from the series and mixed with the star boost, they could shove her clear of the bottom two (where I suspect she’s been floating near recently).

But when you try to be too clever, you confuse the audience. I wonder if many rather shrugged their shoulders and didn’t really “get” the song. Meanwhile, Union J were chirping along to that summer feelgood favourite ‘Call Me Maybe’ and Rylan was unintentionally getting the show a British Comedy Award nomination. This all then needs to be seen in the context of the other contestants. Especially Christopher, Union J and Rylan. Which we will look at later in the week.

The stars were a major =SELL= signal. The mediocre song choice and gaffes the producers made nuking other contestants, meant the BRFAA’s were flying in the wind as I drove up the M6.

Ella was deliberately plastered in stars. When you look back to X Factor History, the last time it happened, it was after a “wow” moment had failed to ignite.

Firework was meant to be that moment.

I wonder if the fuse just didn’t light, and Ella’s rocket was left with a family of producers wondering if they should return to it and try and relight it.

That’s why I felt she was in serious trouble.


Don’t leave me now

Yeah you and me we can ride on a star
If you stay with me girl, we can rule the world
Yeah you and me we can light up the sky
If you stay by my side, we can rule the world.

All the stars are coming out tonight
They’re lighting up the sky tonight
For you


Same tricks. Different Year.

Come ON!


Star Crazy.

Midnight – Home Time.


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