STAR CRAZY – Science

Betsfactor has just re-emerged from the horizon, back for a special day bathed in sunshine, starring Ella.

If you’re late – start by reading this and progress from there.

I like Ella, she’s clearly talented, but in my view, she’s about three years too early for the show. Alexandra Burke was rejected the first time, and came back to win the show a couple of years later. They maybe should have done this with Ella, but the talent pool is starting to dry up and the show might not even be around in three years, so Ella was pushed forward. A 19 year old Ella, with more life experience, more to say, and a little more practise, could easily win the show. For me, from Rule the World onwards, there were too many pitchy moments and strange “arty” arrangements of songs. Here’s what I wrote on Sofabet a few weeks back about Ella… And that you should oppose her!

So how does all this star stuff relate to Ella? She’s lost!?

The producers have gone Star Crazy with Ella in the last couple of weeks. To a pretty ridiculous extent.

Once you start looking for them, you start going… er…. this is CRAZY. This is STAR CRAZY!

They even gave her a song about stars last week….

They STARted in Week One, with this performance.

In my view, this was just to get her vote up to a decent start and she was singing about stars anyway, so let’s not read too much into that week… but you’ll notice the star,with lights during the performance, and her in the centre yadda yadda.

Week six was when they started to get worried in  my view…. and started to wheel out the stars. I reckon she started slipping in the polls around week five.

Tulisa introduced her with “make some noise for my little star – Ella Henderson”. This intro is quite likely to have been scripted.

– Ella then went on screen and sang about stars!

– Just for extra measure though…. we need a hidden subliminal star. Otherwise we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Can you spot them!?

It’s 3pm – Science Homework time… Let’s move to week seven. It’s time to sit in a darkened room. Give your eyes time to adjust, because when you do that, the stars start to shine brightly. You start seeing stars that you never believed you’d see. Beautiful stars.

Crazy Stars.

Desperate Stars.

Why not pick the HD option by the way….

How many can you spot? For homework, fill in the form, say hello; if you’re not a friend of mine, don’t be shy – you can invent a name if you don’t want to admit you’ve been reading this rubbish all afternoon. We’ll have a “Hall of Fame” or “Galaxy of star spotters” at 9pm.

I’m sure it’s all just coincidence. I THINK I’ve got five from that performance and one from elsewhere. But two are questionable!


9pm – Science Results

10pm – Maths. 14-21-24

Midnight – Home Time


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