STAR CRAZY – The Galaxy Revealed

It’s another incredible Betsfactor special day… If you’ve just arrived, there’s so much for you to enjoy. History, more history and science. To the regular readers, thanks for the e mails, it’s all a laugh isn’t it!





Galaxies contain huge amounts of star systems. The biggest galaxies are thought to have a hundred trillion stars in, which is rather similar to last weekend’s X Factor.

When the sun goes down, and the lights burn out
Then it’s time for you to shine.
Brighter than the shooting star.

Let’s look at how many stars we’ve spotted in the X Factor Galaxy so far….

– Matt Cardle’s beautiful Sunshirt.
– The semi final sun behind Marcus.
– The semi final sun behind Rebecca.
– The semi final sun behind One Direction.
– The final final sunrise for Little Mix.


– Marcus “popstar popstar popstar”.
– Marcus and the red piano star.
– That lovely star ring on Marcus’s hand.
– The star jumper (tenious!).

I bet there are LOADS and LOADS more, if we get Jodrell Bank aligned properly.


– Ella singing “Written in the Stars”.

– The references to “little star”

– Did you spot the special “Star Guitar” during that performance!

Star Guitar


It just went “Star Crazy”.

– As soon as I saw Ella’s delightful Gold Star Dress, I laughed.

– There are at least THREE different star designs in the background, including that golden black hole that they didn’t intend for her to get sucked into.

– What are those golden stars doing on the floor?

– What’s this on Ella’s neck? With a massive hat tip to Andrew at Sofabet who spotted that one as well!

– This one’s a bit shaky, and feel free to scoff at this one, but I reckon those could be stars on her nails!

Are these special starry nails?

I’m probably reading too much into it all. Must just be coincidence.

There is, of course, one more star to mention.  If you didn’t spot it, you’ve really really really let me down. I spend ages typing this drivel up, purely for your entertainment. I’ll reveal it in an hour.

One question that came in a lot (once) on the feedback forms,

What’s all this got to do with Marcus?“.

It’s a great question. We’ve still got our late night maths class to come…. – Hyping. Delivering.



Next: Maths. 14 – 21 – 24

Midnight: Home Time.


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