STAR CRAZY – Home Time

Hope you’ve enjoyed Star Crazy Day on Betsfactor. If you’ve just arrived – there are so many amazing stars to see. It’s now a really clear night. Start here. It’s important to read it in order, so start at the bottom and work up.

Give this another watch. It really amused me this morning. Literally it explains everything!

Later in the week, we briefly look at those other two prophetic statements:

– Rylan’s Safe

– They screwed up Christopher’s nuking.

Then I’ll pop up on Sofabet at some point soon. If you love all this analysis I’d urge you to go and check them out, the main writers are are lovely guys; the community in the comments section were good last year, but this year are excellent. Some really really sharp people are commenting, and I’d urge you to check it out for a daily fix of X Factor betting chatter.

Any questions or thoughts – don’t be shy, say hello here. To find out when new articles go live it’s @straffon on Twitter.

 I’m looking forward to seeing some gorgeous sunrises soon.

The ones around the beginning of December are especially beautiful.

You’re not going to miss any more stars now are you!?

School’s Out. It’s Home Time. Here’s Home Town.

I love James Arthurs shirt.


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