Three Prophecies – CHRISTOPHER

We’re looking at the three prophecies today on Betsfactor.

#2 They screwed up the nuking of Christopher.

The producers can edit VT’s, choose staging, pick dodgy songs, but the one thing they can’t control is humans. They couldn’t control Rylan’s humorous quips (although they might ask him to tone it down, or point out that they will be short of time so “no time for banter this week”), equally they couldn’t control what the judges said to Christopher.

Firstly, “The two most feared words in this building, Christopher Maloney“, was not the wisest way of introducing him. “Building” implied everyone was against him, not just the judges.

They put Christopher’s giant pixelated face behind him, with bright eyes and made him look creepy and weird. Funny as this was, this was going too far; the judges and Dermot both picked up on it and tried to ask Christopher what it was all about. Quick as a flash Christopher points out to Nicole “I’m not responsible for that” and even the most casual viewer is alerted to the idea that the producers might deliberately select the background and the staging. Gary Barlow then talks about “what’s going on behind you” and points out “it wasn’t your fault, certainly wasn’t mine.”
Just to really hammer it home Dermot asks “yeah, what was with that disintegrating face with torches for eyes”. Dermot should be given a written warning for that! He should know better!!

This is one of the first times I’ve noticed this happen, where the actual video background (not the staging or dancers) is highlighted as being out of the control of the judges and contestants. Another black mark against the franchise, which they managed to tarnish so well last year. Very very silly and it’s going to make pre-planned nukings harder as producers get more paranoid about “over doing it”.

I don’t need to point out that this is likely to encourage his supporters to vote for him, as everyone seems against him etc etc.

The red and back space debris floating around near his head, with virtually no staging should have helped send him down, especially with an average 80’s song and only six contestants remaining. The judges probably were also aware that they needed to say positive things to imply that he was safe, equally they needed to keep it real and point out that they didn’t like him. They didn’t do this very well.

They went for him this week, but on this occasion, the humans screwed it up.

My verdict on Saturday night was “unsure” as to how he was going to perform in the voting, but that they had definitely screwed it up!


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  1. I think you have to be careful dismissing Total Eclipse of the Heart as “an average 80’s song”. This is a song that is in with the kids right now thanks to Glee putting it back into the limelight. I know for a fact that my (19 year old female) cousin, despite hating Christopher, was somehow possessed to vote for him last weekend purely on the basis of the song. While I won’t claim that that is normal behaviour, that’s what this song can do to people. It’s a song that manages to both delight the demo by being an old song, whilst also attracting people from outside the usual demographic, and I think it was another reason for the producer’s failure last week.

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