Three Prophecies – ELLA

# 3 – Ella’s in “Serious Trouble”

We’re looking at those three incredibly accurate predictions made on the world’s greatest TV betting blog last week. Prophecies.

If you haven’t read the absolutely brilliant “Star Crazy” Day on Betsfactor, go and have a gander first. Make sure you keep the disclaimer about hindsight in mind, but I promise you, this was my thinking (albeit unsure) on Saturday night.

One question that’s popped up a couple of times….

Are you saying stars help or hinder contestants. You seem to be saying they helped Marcus, but they didn’t help Ella!?

Firstly, I am not saying that stars even work at all necessarily. I think, THEY think that they might help a little bit. They simply come out when producers are up to something. It’s one of many many many many many things to look out for. Many.
Secondly, as we keep saying, there are stacks of red flags, and often those BRFAA’s will sound unhelpfully on all the contestants! It’s about context, and looking at how the other contestants have done.
Third, they can pull out all the stops, but other things can happen to make it go wrong.

We agree that they used LOADS of stars on Saturday. That’s the fact, so you then have to ask “Why?”

Don’t just think “They use stars because they are at risk” or “they use stars to get someone to the final”.

Think, “They ARE using stars. Why?”

Now, in this particular context they are using stars…

– Half way through a series
– In a pretty OTT way


It all looks a bit desperate to me.

There is simply no good reason to be burning up stars in the middle of November. She is very likely to be in trouble.
When she then sang a really ropey song, it suggests:

– Her votes are already depressed and have been for a bit.
– In my view, this song is really poor.

Plus, loads of other things have happened last week that will propel her main rivals out of the bottom two.

Rylan was meant to be bottom two this week, but his genuinely amusing remarks will have kept him safe. Christopher was meant to be bottom two this week, but his nuking failed. Union J were surprisingly pushed, I can’t really work out why. The staging was mediocre, but they looked hot in their suits, and the key was the outrageous “one direction” backing vocals which were pumped up to the max. I think Louis has his eye on these guys as the next Westlife. I think he likes the idea of them being “the boyband your mum likes”, hence the Burtons gold card membership for each of them.

The solo vocals were on point and they are clearly hot guys. #manlove. If you want to nuke someone, you don’t delight the demo with one of the most played records on commercial radio this year. I suspect they just wanted to make sure that there was a space in the bottom two for Christopher or Rylan.  Unfortunately the wrong people fell into the holes.

So we only have Jahmene, James and Ella left. They wouldn’t be using stars at this point if Ella was way ahead. Have you seen loads of stars around Jahmene? I’ve seen a couple, but nothing as star crazy as Ella’s treatment.

In my mind having scanned through on Saturday night, the voting was something like Jahmene, Rylan, James, Union J, Christopher, Ella.

That’s why I reckoned Ella was in trouble.


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