Quarter Final Traffic Lights

I promised myself I wouldn’t waste loads of time on Betsfactor this year, but when your friends start texting you about it and then you see the stats gradually creeping up, you get carried away. 

Fans of Betsfactor in 2011 will remember our superb, world famous, patented, innovative “Traffic Light” system, where we gave the contestants Red, Amber or Green depending on our opinion of their level of bottom two danger.

I think this is the best way of separating the contestants and, more importantly, being nice and vague about who’s in trouble. I’ve only done this having seen the show once, so I might have missed something!

This week:

Rylan and Union J are the two targets.

Christopher and James A are the back up plans. James A will be saved unless he’s with Jahmene so it wouldn’t be the end of the world if he hits the bottom two, because, surely(!) that would propel him into the final – maybe this is why they have been “mixing it up a bit” with the staging this week. Can’t really explain that one!

If they can get rid of Christopher, they will, but a Christopher in the final wouldn’t be the end of the world either, as it’ll get ratings and press etc etc.

* If putting loads of moving shots of James Arthur on the screen behind him, meant it was bottom two last week, why would you do it again – TWICE, combined with hints of Red and Black each time?

* Last time I saw a disinterested band during a performance was when Janet Devlin was nuked.

* Vocally, I thought he was excellent, funny bit with him during the ITV2 show as well, showed a humorous side, plus he was in the bottom two last week, which should see him safe this week.

* In one VT he said he wanted to win on behalf of Ella “I kind of want to do it for her, in a way as well, because I think she deserves to be there”. This statement makes little logical sense, but that’s not going to bother Abigal Goth in Huddersfield.

I’d say he’s on the green side of Amber, but with the staging reservations.


* If Union J survive, they will survive the biggest, messiest Red and Blacking in X Factor history! I shrieked with laughter when I saw it. It was a sort of high pitched guffaw.

* Positive comments could mean you don’t need to pick up the phone (although the Ellashock could motivate everyone), a totally forgettable performance, I can’t even remember what they sung for either performance whilst I write this.

* Expendable, forgettable and in trouble. Very Kye.


* What’s the overriding image we have subliminally etched into our brain during Rylan’s first VT? Rylan = Turkey shit.

* Absolutely terrible styling that makes it look like his arm is in a pink sling in the second shot and a horrible black and white checked thing wasn’t pleasant. Messy, zero backing singer support – the party’s over.

* I talked on Sofabet about the importance of running order this evening, he was placed 1st and 7th, Union J 2nd and 6th. These are the more negative slots traditionally in five contestant, two song episodes.

* They kept the banter down this week. Banter got him through last weekl; Gary agreed with Betsfactor on ITV2 later.

* Tulisa and Louis went from hot to lukewarm, to help them credibly ditch him if needs be.


* Jahmene loves his mum, would do anything for her and wants to look after her. Taking her to a courageous women awards gently reminds us of his backstory. I don’t even need to mention that giant “name in lights” for the second performance do I!

* Abba and Motown delight the demo.

* Difficult to know what the negative press coverage will do for him today, so I am very very unsure. If I had to call it, I’d say he’ll hit safety.

* They are drip dropping that he’s full of himself, with some deliberate bits in the VT to make him appear arrogant “It’s not my fault is it”, about people not voting for Ella.

* The whole X Factor team seem irritated with Christopher, they just don’t appear to like him. Even Dermot expressed frustration tonight. He also didn’t want to give him long to ramble on about how generous the public were etc, possibly because of timing.

* During the VT at the top of the show, they cut Gary Barlow out of context and just made it look like he was endorsing James Arthur to win!


* He looks Bullied! Read this. I could write an IDENTICAL article again this week. Just stupid, utterly stupid. The VT’s were much much harsher, they toned down the staging but made it look strange. Once again the production team set everything up for a nuking, and the humans screwed it up by pointing it all out again! Absolutely Staggering.  In the olden days the judges would pretend that they decided on the staging, these days they don’t take responsibility.

* Shots of Louis sniggering won’t help with bullying thoughts either. Christopher’s pleasant, dignified stance on stage makes him even more of the victim. That’s the bit they can’t control.

* There was a (probably accidental) very subliminal star during Christopher’s second performance!

The bullying thing is the main reason why I think he could survive.

We all know what happens to victims of bullying don’t we. Spot on Jesy.


I’ve said enough this year I think, I’ll pop up on Sofabet at some point soon and maybe also do something for the final! Maybe!


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