BetsfactEur – Semi Final Two

Well, after a shambolic start, slashing the Betsfactor Bank by 2pts, we’re back for semi final two. Firstly, apologies for the delay – it’s radio audience figures day, so things have been v.busy. I wrote on the Sofabet forums that maybe the new scoring system means “If it sticks out – it’s out”. Surprises like Croatia and Serbia not qualifying, in favour of very bland ballads made me decide to change my views on a few songs in this heat. However, unlike other TV betting blogs, this is being written in the UK, not having seen any camera angles and the like. If you want far more informed and serious discussion try Sofabet, Esctips and Entertainment Odds. As a result I am going to update this page AFTER ALL 17 SONGS tonight. So, I will probably be making a couple of bets during the show.

I am going to be very contraversal and suggest that “If it sticks out, it’s out” might therefore mean that Greece are at risk. Everyone seems to say this is a surefire qualifier, and we should listen to the wisdom of the crowd, but they also said that about Serbia. Anyway….

Latvia – RED – Terrible song, bad staging.
San Marino – RED – Fans seem convinced that this is a great song, but I struggle with the idea that two minutes of ballad followed by one minute of dance is a winning combination. Surely if it was, we would have seen this genre over the years..?! Unimpressed. Will go out on a limb and say RED.
Macedonia – RED – Worried that she’s a big star in some countries, but the juries will *surely* nuke this? And if they don’t, then they aren’t music experts. Bye Bye Now.
Azerbaijan – GREEN – The staging for this is artist and slick, the whole thing screams “Azerbaijan” from recent years! Slick and classy and through.
Finland – GREEN – I downgraded this from Tuesday, after initially wondering if a Final Top Ten place was possible. I just think the kiss will irritate a few jury members (when I watched it, it just felt so unnecessarily out of place). So I am now a tiny bit worried about this song – but I will say it qualifies.
Malta – GREEN This is bland, twee and nice – and reading the signals from Tuesday I therefore upgrade from amber and qualify it.
Bulgaria – AMBER – This was initially green, but I have downgraded after I watched the second rehearsal. Too much drumming, not enough singing and they need to get the drums to light up when bashed. It also looks a bit of a mess.
Iceland – AMBER – This is now on the green side of Amber, it’s very bland and the guy isn’t that TV friendly. But it’s authentic.
Greece – AMBER – Everyone is raving about how this song is through… I am not as convinced after Tuesday night. I fear juries negativity could knock it down. I do think it will qualify, but I think 1.05 is too short.
Israel – GREEN – She can sing, it’s a good ballad and the cleveage has gradually reduced.
Armenia – AMBER – Now we get interesting. This isn’t that bad a MOR song. Very Absolute Radio.
Hungary – RED – I am worried about my red now, after “bland wins” – but this maybe just goes one step too far.
Norway – GREEN – Can you tell I am rushing this – this is through, she’s superb.
Albania – AMBER Another difficult one for me, this is authentic and the sparks worked once before, I just worry about it “sticking out”.
Georgia – GREEN – Disney. Qualified.
Switzerland – RED I am worried about the televote appeal (ie this doing well) and also the “does it stick out” thing. But it’s terrible. The 93 year old adds nothing.
Romania – GREEN – Superb song, brilliantly staged and a wonderful fusion of opera and late 90’s dance music. I’m just messing – just checking you were awake. It’s so much a Red I’ve never seen anything redder. Bye Bye Now.

I will make the Betsfactor Hot 10 during Half time, but at the moment I would say: Azerbaijan, Finland, Malta, Iceland, Greece, Israel, Norway, Georgia,

Amber Zone, in order of current thinking before I watch it – Armenia, Bulgaria, Albania,

Please be aware that my Eurovision knowledge is pretty slack, so don’t pay too much attention to this!

I will be back at half time with my revised views!7

=== HALF TIME ===

You could make a case for ALL of the maybes.

Latvia were very entertaining.
San Marino acceptable
Macedonia have support
Bulgaria was authentic and might play well outside of traditional Europe.
Israel competant
Armenia a bit different
Hungary seemed to keep the crowd happy
Switzerland had lots of gratuatious shots of the old man
Romania gets the “let’s have a laugh” vote and glitter bombs.

Betsfactor Hot Ten Predictions: Azerbaijan, Finland, Malta, Iceland, Greece, Norway, Switzerland, Georgia, Armenia, Israel

I really couldn’t call it though!


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