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The first ever suggestion on Betsfactor in 2011 was for a girl who didn’t even make it past judges houses….

Which set the tone for our noisy, shambolic site….

But, she’s back.

I see no reason not to back her again. Whilst other betting blogs limp into action, whilst tired old sites witter on about what might happen in a few weeks, whilst other TV sites haven’t even realised we’re back to school… one site, with a world renowned reputation for excellence, backing a foursome of girls at 75-1, 14-1 and 2-1 as other sites backed some cabaret singer from Liverpool; one site, who spotted that Rhythmix would go on to have smash hits in¬†Australia, Denmark, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Holland, Sweden and the United States of America;¬†one site names someone to outperform expectations before anyone else.




JADE RICHARDS TO WIN THE X FACTOR. (3pts) Ladbrokes 16-1

Rather like the Little Mix tip, I wouldn’t say she’ll defo win it at this stage, but I do think those odds will race down and you could get a decent doubling or tripling opportunity with a hedge at some point.

Disclaimers apply as ever.


PS – Watch this space. Not decided what to do this year yet, but we might have some fun.

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