0161 81 82 800 – Betsfactor THE PODCAST – COMING.

I need your help.

At 7:50am this morning I sat down on my IKEA chair, in my black dressing gown and, with a heavy heart,z hit the Sky button and started to plough through eight hours of X Factor. I’ve really struggled to get into it this year, for all sorts of reasons. I’ve found this series all a bit “samey”.

I always felt the show peaked at this point.

Indeed the audience figures peaked the series after and since then ITV are simply bailing water off the very slowly sinking cruise ship. I am not calling the end of the X. Far from it. I always remember Chris Tarrant bemoaning the fact that Millionnaire was on too often. He wanted it to be a once or twice a year event, where it played for just a couple of weeks, maybe ten days and that was it. He thought that was the way to get 18m viewers  permanently. ITV were more shrewd, working out that other shows would give away a million pretty quickly, so they might as well flog the life out of the format whilst they can. Millionaire still exists today, just with harder questions, more bizarre celebrity pairing and a quarter of the audience.

The X Factor will be around for as long as Simon Cowell can be bothered – even if it bought in HALF the viewers, say in a midweek slot, ITV’d still be happy. As long as they are paying less for per episode!

I didn’t watch any of BGT this year either – just scanned through the phone montages of the acts each night!

This site has never taken itself seriously, with more hyperbole than the show itself; constantly trumpeting correct calls and ignoring the incorrect ones I felt Jade had a good chance, but three weeks later, the real answer arrived, overtaking the decoy. I now wish I’d paid more attention and didn’t leave 6 episodes unwatched, since I would have got MUCH better odds on the person I now have my eye on…

It’s all to do with a two year legal dispute.

I did have some logic behind Jade and will reveal all on…. a truly sensational new podcast.

Betsfactor – The Podcast launches this Friday. Probably.


– The broadcasters cold war and what it means for the show.

– Why they will be sailing through to the final.

– Your calls, questions and comments

– The one contestant I feel is WILDLY overpriced.

– A full rundown of all 12 contestants, are the odds about right?

Our great friend, Sofabet’s Daniel Gould will be on with his considered analysis, but this is where you come in.

Who do you think will win and why? PLUS feel free to make any other point you like, or ask any question you like, Your voicemail may be used on the podcast. We also would love to hear from people who fancy coming on to have a chat! Leave your number at the end and we’ll call you up randomly, disturbing you at work to ask you to analyse whether Shelly will be in the final 5.

DIAL NOW 0161 81 82 800. It’s a 24/7 voicemail.

Please make sure you only use a Samsung device.*

*  That’s a gag.

0161 81 82 800 is the number, call it whenever you like and leave us a question, point, comment – whatever you like!

You know, I really feel that this is my last chance now. I feel that this is it. You know… it really would mean the world to me to do this podcast.


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