History was made at 00:01 on 11/10/13.

The first ever Betsfactor Podcast went LIVE! Sort of.


– Someone who actually knows what he’s talking about, Daniel Gould from Sofabet.

– Indepth analysis of all the contestants.

– Your calls on 0161 81 82 800. (Please keep these coming!)

– A rambling theory on “Scotland”.

– News, Views, Odds and who we think will win.

It’s very much a pilot show, so expect improvements along the way!


1. Load up your podcast app and click “enter RSS feed” or “subscribe to feed URL” or something similar – just type this in.


2. Download episode one directly from here: http://tinyurl.com/audiohistory

3. Wait a couple of days for it to appear in iTunes. It’s “under review” at the moment. I’d do #2 whilst you wait.

It’s rambling and shambling, but it’s a start! I’ll refine it as we go along….. Next episode will be shorter and probably on Monday.

Hope you enjoy it.  Don’t be shy – just dial 0161 81 82 800 and tell me what you think of the X Factor this year, ask a question, or just tell me who’s going next or who’s winning. Caller of the week wins a fantastic packet of red and black wine gums.


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