The Warmest of Welcomes

A very warm welcome if you’re new here. Welcome to a noisy, messy, shambolic blog about betting on the X Factor.

If you’re new try reading the stuff at the top including this and this. You’ll find the better stuff there to get you started.

We have just started a podcast as well, for a laugh in 2013. Do subscribe!


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  1. Hi Richard,

    Something I think you have missed here

    Are they stars that Abi has all on her dress? Rewatch again on youtube during judges comments.

    🙂 ________________________________ From: Greg Campbell Sent: 17 October 2013 10:46 To: Betsfactor Subject: Re: [New post] The Warmest of Welcomes


    Are you interested in having a 3rd person on your podcast? One that works for bwin and compiles the odds? Offers a perspective from the person taking the bets aswell?

    Also bwin are offering 25 markets total, no other firm has more than 13.

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