Song Choices – Delight the Demo?

Delight the Demo is a theory that I banged on about last year.

In the first few weeks, to survive, you just have to delight the demographic that you appeal to. Do that and you’re in the Top 6 or 7, as you only need about 15% of the votes each week.

However, a great way of nuking a contestant is giving them a song that doesn’t delight the demo, and then no one votes for them….

We’ll talk about the acts and which demos they appeal to on the Betsfactor Podcast this week.

Let’s have a look at what the contestants are singing this week and see if the songs delight the demo….

Abi Alton – Can’t Get You Out Of My Head – Doesn’t really delight the kooky demo. I’d say this song was a bit old for her. However it is a wildly popular tune, which has sold millions; indeed voted the most catchy of all time this week, so whilst it doesn’t delight the demo, it could be given a new twist. AMBER.

Hannah Barrett – Beautiful – Not bad. Stick her on last and this could be a “wow” moment. However Beautiful was out over 10 years ago when Hannah was only 6! Nonetheless, this should appeal to the 20’s and 30’s. Safe. GREEN

Kingsland Road – Marry You – Dtd? Yep. They will make this fun and lively and ramp up the backing vocals. GREEN

Luke Friend – Let Her Go – Hmmmm. I’d say AMBER for this. The Passenger song is a big tune, but given the way that Luke sings, I’d be worried that he gets the interpretation of this song wrong. It also is a bit dreary.

Miss Dynamix – Dreams – DtD? Er. No. these girls are being aimed at an urban, cool audience. A song from 1993, sung in a mid tempo way, will all sound a bit dour and downbeat. RED

Nicholas McDonald – She’s The One. Pleasant Robbie Ballad. Sounds good to me. Could have been even more helpful to McNic,like they have been with Sam Bailey, and made it a cover. GREEN

Rough Copy – I Want It That Way. I think Rough Copy are aimed at the 20’s and 30’s as well as a younger audience – So a big Backstreet Boys song should see them through. GREEN

Sam Bailey – Make You Feel My Love – This is perfect as not only is it an Adele song, it’s also a Bob Dylan song. Plenty of demos covered there – well done producers! Danger of her being compared to Adele in viewers minds, but GREEN.

Sam Callahan – I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz’s ballad is familiar but unremarkable. Rather like Luke, it will all depend on how this is delivered… AMBER

Shelley Smith – Single Ladies – Sentiment wise this is a great song for Shelley and delights the demo… it’ll will be great fun I’m sure – but the absence of any obvious “wow moment” in the song could see her in danger here. AMBER 

Tamera Foster – Beneath Your Beautiful- BOOM. This is a perfect song for her, especially since a decent part of this is sung by a guy, so she can’t be compared completely to Emlie Sande, since Labarynth sings a lot of it. Everyone knows this song, it’s huge and bang on for teens and people in their early 20’s. GREENER than GREEN.
Finally, if you haven’t heard the new Betsfactor Podcast have a listen…. We’ll have a go at defining the demos for each contestant on the main show this Monday.



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