COLOUR VOMIT – First Rumblings

When I write this site I ask myself the question, is this all a bit too obvious…?

I mean, if you distill this site, you could ditch the hype, hyperbole and gaffes and distill the point to one question.

“Does the audience screw it’s nose up?”

If the answer’s yes, the producers are trying to get rid of the act, or have made an error.

Once again this Betsfactor theory will seem obvious in hindsight, but we’re just having a bit of fun. I remember writing this in 2011

Are they just having a laugh? Surely the word popstar is now being used with such frequency and regularity that it can’t be a coincidence? Are we missing countless other things, are Little Mix all wearing subliminal telephones? Isn’t this all a bit creepy? Has this sort of thing happened on previous series? Is it just all one big conicidence and am I behaving like a cross between a P*ss poor Derren Brown and an amateur psychic who operates out of a Caravan in Bridlington? Searching for something that isn’t there….

And I’m happy to stand by that with this…! People often misunderstand these  Betsfactor Red Flag Alerts Alarms (BRFAA’s for short). They say, “ah, but this act were red and blacked and they survived” or “ah… but in week 3 so and so had this happen”. My point back is always the same. Let’s just agree that the evidence states this is “very unhelpful”. You can then try and work out what’s going on. It often frustrates me when I see comments that don’t appreciate the nuances of all this. It’s a red flag. Nothing more, it’s just a red flag. A great example was Hannah last week. Listen to the Saturday FLASH CHAT podcast and you’ll hear Daniel and myself both very very wary of those flames engulfing her; but we were happy with the performance, comments and Greggs VT. We felt there were more green flags than red, and we were wrong!

In my view, a producer or two might be vaguely aware of these sites by now. They  might have looked once at forums or blogs, but I doubt we’re even on their radar. They have far far more important things to do. However, my hunch is, they will often throw a curveball in, so that if ever challenged they can say “utter nonsense – just conspiracy theories from nerdy boys in their bedrooms – look see – Little Mix had some red and black in the final, or so and so had stars on them once and they left the next week”. Indeed, maybe that’s why Hannah was burnt! Just to mix it up a bit. Who knows!

I also think there’s a wider point here – and if I had to guess – Cowell has ordered them to “make it less predictable” this year, hence why the B listers are being flamed and Luke Friend can’t be out this week because he’s washing his hair. If we, the people who are putting cash on the competitions can’t work out who’s joining Miss Dynamix in the bottom two, then you can be sure Chloe, 17 in Doncaster can’t. You can argue that this makes it more interesting, or you can argue that the show is so full of mediocrity this year that no one cares, including the producers, who goes next week. So we have to see all of these BRFAA’s in context. The more red flags, the higher the chance that that contestant is in trouble.

I also think that sometimes it’s not completely black and red. Sometimes they might mess around “a bit” and it’s our job to cut through the confusion. I have a big big way to do that which I am still working on, which I might write up before 15th Dec.

I’m a massive fan of Sofabet. They spot loads of red flags every week and I would urge you to go and read their superb site. You could start with this set of articles for instance.

Let’s move onto a new theory. One I hope will be used now and again in normal language on these TV betting sites, like “delight the demo” and “red and blacked“.

Allow me to introduce my new phrase for you to adopt.

Colour Vomit.

Want to get rid of a contestant and throw the kitchen sink at them, but feel that Red and Blacking them is so 2011….? Well cover them, or the dancers, or the backdrop, in lots of lovely colour vomit.

Remember Rylan’s cheeky Gary Barlow banter which kept him nice and safe, just when they wanted to get rid of him? What did they do the next week…? It was kitchen sink time…. This was when I first spotted the pattern.

And that’s a wonderful first example….

In 60 minutes we’ll have a look at horrendous moments of colour vomit in recent times and the tiny votes that followed.

Then at 7pm, what if I told you that colour vomit was used once IN A FINAL in a sensational red and black double kill!? What if I told you that my never to be forgotten 75-1 ladies were Colour Vomited as well!? Would the theory hold up?

Finally at 10pm – Three times that we’ve seen colour vomit this year and how the acts have done….



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