It’s COLOUR VOMIT day on Betsfactor. The Planet’s Greatest TV Betting Blog. If you’re new to the queasy feeling, go and have a look at this first. #colourvomit is likely to be trending by 6pm.

The theory is this. Another trick that our lovely producers like to use to get rid of a contestant, is to cover their performance, or their dancers, or their body in lots of colour vomit.  As always, ask – does it make you screw up your nose…?

MK1 were the sort of act a junior government minister might be forced to watch during a visit to a community project in a youth centre in Hounslow. Like the postcode, MK1 failed to inspire. Now, whether the producers deliberately did this is up for debate, but we can tell that their bright colourful staging didn’t get people to pick the phone up. You’re probably thinking, yeah but this is just what they do with youthy urbany acts, your problem Richard is that you aren’t street enough…. Well, as we’ll see later, they soon stop when they want someone to do well….!

Week Two MKGone got a song that didn’t delight the demo and a huge amount of unpleasant colour vomit….

And when you get both of those BRFAA’s you end up 0.4% points off the bottom two. They almost disappeared in week 2. Some lovely colour vomit styling there as well.

Nearly… let’s have another go in week 3…

Couple of stars on there though. It’s a shame because this was a good performance! But that colour vomit is just raining off the screen….

And bottom two was in the sickbag.

Now what if I was to tell you that the greatest band in X Factor history were smeared in colour vomit?

So we started off with colour vomit… Jesy and Leigh-Anne at 51 secs made me laugh.

But, and this is very very strange, there were hints of it in Week 3 and then the patient appeared to have been cured. Now, it didn’t do them loads of harm, they polled 4th in the voting in week 2, but why did all that garish colour disappear?

Particularly to a group marketed at teenagers.

It’s almost as if the producers know that colour vomit isn’t helpful. If you’re thinking there are a lot of “yoof” examples so far, at 7pm – The shocking moments when they use it in FINALS!

Quiz game. Which of the following acts do you think had colour vomit in recent finals? Pick 2 from 6.

Little Mix, Christopher Maloney, Marcus Collins, Amelia Lily, James Arthur, Jarmene Douglas.

The odds of you getting this quiz right by chance alone is 1 in 15. So it really would have to be another coincidence.

10pm – The THREE times they’ve smeared it over our screens already this year…. and the massive vote slashes it led to as ill viewers catch a bug and go for a lie down.


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