Events, Dear Girl – Events

Here’s how I see it. What do I know though?! I’d love your thoughts – 0161 81 82 800. Call the Betsfactor Podcast Voicemail 24/7.

The PLAN was a Rough Copy vs Hannah bottom two. With Luke as a back up.

Nicholas is ticking slowly down to 2nd; Tamera was meant to have her “moment”;  Sam is the winner.

Tamera blew it. She’s in big trouble, with both voters and the producers. They might use ‘Deadlock’, so that it’s “fair”, but hit the bottom two and the producers may not be responsible for their actions!

They can’t have her in the final, under any circumstances. If you want a good idea of the minds of the producers and Cowell – watch Louis. He gets it – and he’s annoyed. In a week or two, I’ll talk about EU fishing quotas on the blog. It’s game over.

Rough Copy were the target for the “surprise” bottom two appearance, so much so, I was piling on them after that performance… There were FOUR reasons why. If you don’t know the first by now, my blood pressure will go through the roof.

However, as happened at exactly the same point last year… Events, dear boy. Events.

This isn’t a tip (although pre-Tamera it was going to be), but I still quite like the look, value wise, of RC for the bottom two. But, it’s a coin toss now.

I was pretty confident during that ad break.

Then emerged a third candidate!



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