Do you ever get one of those moments when it all just comes together. Maybe when you’re moving house, and finally amongst the chaos, everything is packed. Or when you’ve been working really hard on all elements of a project and finally it just works.

Tonight’s X Factor was quite an emotional one for the whole Betsfactor team watching. It felt that finally everything came together. All the theories. All those endless, wordy, badly written, overhyped “specials” days you’ve had to sit through, all the endless drivel. The 62 minute podcasts…. Having to click links to rewatch the quarter final in 2010.

I really hope I’ve cracked it, I really hope you’ve cracked it, as it was all on display tonight.

It was a eye watering combination of everything we’ve ever talked about.

E V E R Y T H I N G.

Please, please, please remember the disclaimer and that I’m the guy that thought Jade Richards would win.

Secondly, please don’t follow me into this bet – I’m just doing it because we have a decent sum in the Betsfactor Bank.

Thirdly, I’d say I’m over  33% sure on the second one but not 100%, therefore these odds are just too good. But I’m not certain. Deadlock scares me.

I MIGHT BE WRONG. I’ve been wrong many times as you know.

But, just for fun, as that’s all this site is,  I’m cracking open the Betsfactor Bank. Gambleaware.co.uk.

Betsfactor Tip  – 6pts TAMERA to be bottom two. (1.67 Ladbrokes)

Betsfactor Tip – 2pts TAMERA to be eliminated (3.0 Bet 365)

As ever on this messy noisy blog, if I’m wrong, we’ll brush it under the carpet and continue with the hyperbole. If I’m right… well, we’ll tell our grandkids about the second greatest kitchen sinking in X Factor history….

I might be wrong. I might have missed something.

Go back. Read this blog from the very beginning. Everything was there in those ten songs.

PS – The world’s greatest theory has TWO elements. Not one.

PPS – Only 50/50 about that Luke Tip now – but we made it, so let’s see what happens.

PPPS – Not sure about the other slot, but the usual tricks are out there for the mid tablers.

PPPPS – The Betsfactor Secret is coming

PPPPPS – If I’m right, get ready for “Everything” Day, coming soon to Betsfactor.


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  1. Chatterbox5200

    Great call Richard – Tamera & Luke in the bottom two, with Tamera going home.
    Three tips….. Three Wins. Almost makes up for the tip of Jade Richards to win the competition.

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