Wrapping it Up.

Betsfactor, the world’s greatest multimedia brand, was originally set up to entertain a handful of friends who were constantly asking me what I reckoned was happening in the X Factor. I spent ages explaining things and eventually decided to write articles, almost to save me saying the same things over and over!

“Betsfactor.com – go and read that!” would be my answer.

I made sure I adopted a brash, tabloid, noisy, opinionated, self congratulatory tone, because that’s what made me laugh. The, literally, half a dozen friends who first read these articles, would expect nothing less. I also decided to log the progress of the site with each tip, something I hadn’t seen other TV betting sites do.

The worst thing that can happen, happened. I won big, the first time. I went against the grain and continually suggested that a girl group would first do well, and then win the show. This, then formed the ludicrious strapline “Home of the 8290‰ win”. A painfully mathematically shaky statement – but who cared. It was just for friends. It was just for fun.

Over time, more people who had an interest in TV betting discovered the site and we became great friends with the lovely and smart team behind Sofabet. They kindly provided plenty of plugs and hat tips and the like. I welcomed the extra traffic because it allowed me to experiment with statistics, to see what got more views, how much content people liked etc etc. It helped that that year I called it correctly! Luck or skill? You decide.

Growing pains developed. A few abusive e mails, angry people who didn’t like the site, didn’t like my sense of humour / tone etc etc. People who felt there was too much content. People who felt there wasn’t enough. People who felt it was ludicrous that I read so much into staging. Blah blah blah. All of this was useful though, because I was able to learn, in a tiny corner of the internet about blogging – the good and the bad.

I’ve always struggled to see the point of running a very niche, low traffic blog. I’ve never directly made a penny from it and never tried. This year I was similarly disinterested in the show, watching the first episode, and leaving eight hours of the stuff stacked up on series link to watch in early October. If I’d have seen Nicholas, I’d have toned down the Jade Richards tip a lot sooner! One or two friends were very persuasive about the idea of a podcast, and again wanting to learn about podcasting and with a ready made, small, kind and enthusiastic audience, it made sense to experiment.

Daniel from Sofabet.com was up for a bit of fun. He has been just brilliant on the podcast, genuinely far better than the guy with the radio background, hugely knowledgeable and entertaining in equal measure. I thought “I’ll start one up and stick to the brand”. Keep it brash, noisy, self congratulatory, opinionated and tabloid. The experimentation is why, one week, I didn’t provide a direct download link, why we plead for 5 star ratings, why one week we did three episodes, why I wasn’t too worried that one episode stretched to 62 minutes etc etc. The only thing I get from the time put into the podcast, is the opportunity to learn.

Coming to the end of the series, I don’t feel I have much more to say. There’s still the Betsfactor secret – I was hoping for a perfect storm this week to arrive (It didn’t), so in order to reveal it, but we’ll have to save that for another year. I’ve got one or two other theories that need more confirmation. So, I won’t rule out popping back in future years, but if I do it’ll be for brief appearances, rather than podcasts and weekly blog posts.

It’s time to move on to other ideas I have, other blogs, podcasts, businesses etc. I’ve said most of what I want to say and really enjoyed the last three years, and thanks so much for all the feedback. I don’t think many really believe the stuff I write or the theories I’ve rambled on about, but who cares!

So, before I go, I’ll promise you two, maybe three, more podcasts – so keep those fantastic calls coming, 0161 81 82 800 and to thank you for reading, I’ll promise you one thing.

One. Last. Time, I’ll go through EVERYTHING.

You can make your own mind up – crackpot conspiracy theorist, p*ss poor Derren Brown, gobby chancer who got lucky or someone who might have a point.


You decide. One final time.

In excruciating detail. With added hype and hyperbole. (The hype starts from midnight tonight)

This weekend I was far from certain that Tamera would go, but for the first time, we stacked 8 points on an event. Quadruple what we would normally place. You’re never, ever, certain in this game, but I squealed when it all came together!


So what of the few friends who the blog was originally for? Well, three years on, most still don’t believe what I write!

Twelve Noon. Wednesday 4th December. One Last Time.



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