It’s the Finale of “Everything Day” on the world’s greatest multimedia brand. If you’re new here this will be the penultimate post for a long time – maybe forever. Start from here and work your way through the day!

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Could you do me a favour… just click play on this video for me, turn the speakers up and carry on reading.

THIS IS IT. We’re on the edge. It’s now or never. You are either a believer and part of the Betsfactor movement forever. Or you and I can part, as friends who agree to disagree. The rope I started to form in the air, at a Starbucks at the NEC is forming. The strands are uniting….

Now, in the next three minutes, you decide. Once and for all. As we stand on the brink of your historic decision. Betsfactor is wrapped back up.

Now, is your moment. The moment you have to decide.

Red and Black. The Red and Black Clouds looming.

Colour Vomit. Spewing Everywhere

Fire. Burning a young girl’s dreams.

That hopes and cars were crushed, that Malleability Matters, that the judges watched every word….

‘The most incredible QUADRUNUKING in Betsfactor History.

This is EVERYTHING Day on the world’s greatest multimedia brand.

One. Theory. Remains.

We just need the sun. We just need the stars….

Suddenly, on cue, blinding so many, dozens of sun’s started illuminating the stage. Everywhere you looked were stars, suns, horizons, sunspots, rays of light bouncing off golden planets. All the stars were coming out tonight. For you.

This was it. The moment EVERYTHING came together. I called it an emotional moment on Saturday.

Let’s start with Nicholas. When Little Mix won in 2011, I was horrified at what I thought was a “Red and Blacking” in the final. Actually, it turned out that it was night and day. They’d put Marcus to sleep and signified the start of a New Dawn for four little muffins.

What’s this….? This looks remarkably similar to the winning backdrop of 2011.

What an amazing coincidence.

Surely they wouldn’t give him a second “sun like” back drop?

OH. MY…..

And surely we aren’t going to see similar subliminals for Luke. Would you believe it then? Watch all of this one!

Now I’d say that this one is a bit more subtle – and maybe softer – it’s not as in your face, but it’s definitely there.

This is getting silly.

And what’s the overriding image from Rough Copy’s ludicrous finale performance (another example of a kitchen sinking by the way!). What’s that behind them… that’s not a star is it. Surely not. These coincidences are getting out of hand.

Nicholas got two, Luke and Rough Copy got one.

AND Tamera’s been quadrunuked.

What an astonishing coincidence.

Personally, I still felt Luke was most likely to join Tamera down in the bottom two – but I wasn’t sure at all. Rough copy had the pimp slot, gold and the choir in white. (although I wasn’t happy with the red and white staging for their first performance). Nicholas was covered in subliminal suns, and he’s got the Scottish vote and both of them delighted the demo. Rough Copy singing 90’s song for the James Arthur crowd, Nicholas sticking to middle of the road pop.

Did Mumford and Sons and Skinny Love really delight 19 year old girls…? Not so sure myself.

I’ll explain on the podcast this week what I think they are upto with Nicholas; let’s not beat around the bush, there were some bum notes in there! We must talk about Louis as well… what was do we make of that performance on Sunday!?

If you haven’t time to look at the performances, have a look at Sofabet.com, here they have one of their excellent staging posts. You can see the photos straight away of the performances.


“Well…. let’s see what happens”, said Rob in one of those… “probably time we wrapped this up” voices.  We jumped up from the table, Samsung phones in hand and got in the queue… I watched that Nicholas video again amused by the Marcus Collins and the subliminal sun moment….

“So how much money have you put on this…” he asked.

I was coy. “Well, more than I would normally place… I stand to win my second biggest amount ever, let’s put it that way. I have to bet on what I see… But remember – I’m not sure. I’m very sure this is the plan – but I’m not absolutely certain if it’s to try and get her in the final… surely you don’t do this… no… I guess I’m just influenced by what else I read. I’m also not certain about what happens if it goes to Deadlock – have they done enough? Is deadlock controlled by the producers, or do the judges genuinely have a bit of free will? I have never known. Have they done enough to get her bottom of the vote? Luke’s performances were good, but he could just get lost in the whole thing. Most importantly, will the public play ball….? I’d be amazed if she wasn’t bottom two… I placed 6 pts on it. And at 3.0 to go, well let’s just say there’s no way there’s only a 33% chance she’s going home! No way at all.”

“What does points mean?”.

I explained this points system that some tipsters use, that I’d adopted, badly and without any knowledge, for the site.

“Anyway, I’m either going to look a moron or I’m going to have what I think to be true, confirmed even more! I do hope all this writing isn’t going to be undermined!”

We reached the beginning of the queue.

“It was Everything Rob. Everything.”

We scanned our tickets and started ploughing through samples of wine, beer, cheese and chocolate.


Crewe Railway Station Car Park

My heart’s racing. I’m sure gambleaware.co.uk would have something to say about this. I’m hunched in my car, laptop out, trying to keep a connection on my iPad (sorry Samsung) and watch the results come in. I’ve sprinted off the train, up the stairs, paid parking, done the 100 yard jog, my fat little face is puffed out.

Dermot is streaming on my tablet. The names are announced as safe. BOOM! Rough Copy are safe. This is going very well… I’m begging him to say Nicholas.. Nicholas… say Nicholas… He says Sam….

“OK – If this is Tamera, this is a disaster.”. I don’t know who I’m talking to. I start to rub my hands frantically.

“Nicholas…” “Yeeeesssss.” Great. Bottom Two.

Luke vs Tamera is actually the one result that I don’t feel certain about. Against anyone else, I am confident she’s off… But against Luke, I fear deadlock. The usual “shall I hedge” thoughts come into my mind, as the ads roll.

Does Roberta Flack “Delight the Demo“?

Did we see Red and Black?

Did we see Colour Vomit?

Did we see any Kye Fawkesing?

Did we see all the stars come out?

Did we see any Day and Night?



No hedge.

My face felt hot, my heart was racing…. as they slowly decided. Nicole and Louis did what they had to do… Sharon named Tamera as going home…


To my utter horror, he did.

“Why’s he taken it to deadlock? Does he know… is he going rogue again… what the hell?” I was horrified.

Why hadn’t he done what I thought they wanted doing?

A silver envelope, with my final exam results, was slowly opened.



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