It’s EVERYTHING DAY on Betsfactor, the world’s greatest multimedia brand – after our stunning triple tip weekend resulted in a clean sweep of wins, I’m explaining, one last time, why I felt Tamera was the one they were after.  If you’re brand new to Betsfactor, a warm welcome – so much to learn, and why not listen to all 11 episodes of our sensational podcast. Always start from the beginning on these lengthy megadays, so kick off with this and this first…

When Betsfactor Studies makes the national curriculum, one of the main modules will be “The Great Quadrunuking of 30th Nov”. 

When I tipped Tamera for the bottom two and to go, I said it was the second best kitchen sinking in Betsfactor history. Delvout will always be the best, but this one really does challenge for that crown.

Four staggering nuking tactics, all combined in one.

Not sure if I’ve ever mentioned any of these things before?


When fire is on the stage it’s rarely positive for contestants.

I was delighted to see them on stage in the final with Marcus.

Kitty smashed down to bottom of the vote with this one.

Hannah fell from the sky into the bottom two.

Cher Lloyd was eliminated when they used it.

Maybe the producers aren’t aware of the power of fire and they just select contestants to get it at random. I’ve never seen fire used with Nicholas, or Sam Bailey, or Rough Copy.  Matt Cardle or Little Mix.

What an astonishing coincidence.

When you see fire. It’s a giant red flag.

Fire’s only been used a couple of times this series.

What an astonishing coincidence that out of a total of 73 live performances thus far, where they could have used this exciting and dramatic effect, they chose Tamera’s.

Giant bins of fire flaming away. Like you’d get at your local riot.

Now imagine if this was combined with another stunt I believe the producers like to pull, say a Red or Blacking or a Colour Vomiting… Surely then we’d say they were after her? Because the odds of it being chance alone start to fall through the floor….


Anyone remember this one from way back when? I argued that smearing a contestant in colour vomit is not a good thing… Not a good thing at all…

Tamera appears in a jacket stained in the most grotesque colour vomit.

but not just her, let’s enjoy those colour vomited dancers as well… seen that anywhere before?!

And just to treat fans of Betsfactor. It was as if the producers were saying to us… “Yeah… you’re right… we are doing that…!”

Just a little hint of Red and Black in there as well. Why not.

I mean, surely… if you had colour vomiting… and fire AND red and black. Nah, let’s ignore everything Betsfactor ever rambled on about because she sung that second song quite well. She’s absolutely fine.

The producers decided to allow us the rare treat of a sensational triple Betsfactor nuking.

But wait! What’s this… She’s standing next to a scrapyard. Where knackered, clapped out products are stacked up and smeared in colour vomit for good measure. What’s the number one reason smashed up cars end up in a scrap metal yard? It’s because they were involved in a car crash. Of all the possible backdrops that the producers could have picked, how funny that they went for this one… They could have picked pictures of giraffes, they could have picked a brick wall coloured in yellow and white, they could have picked a picture of the Holiday Inn in Reading, they could have picked a bowl of sweet and salted Tesco popcorn, they could have picked the national flag of Uganda, but for some astonishing reason, they decided on smashed up cars…

The producers must have just missed the car crash subliminal. These crazy coincidences keep happening though. Red and Black clouds. A colour vomited car crash with fire all over the staging and Tamera AND the dancers smeared in colour vomit. What I found amazing was that loads of the crackpot Betsfactor theories were on display in one song. What are the chances of that!?

The sirens started wailing at Betsfactor Global Headquarters. The noise was unbearable. Red and Black Lights started flashing. Neon lights in greens, and pinks and browns. Flames started shooting out of the ground. Management at the Betsfactor Podcast Call Centre immediately jumped up and started hoisting four giant red flags up.


K I T C H E N  S I N K!

But, she sang the second song quite well, so let’s ignore it.

3pm – Why I dislike Uncle David’s BBQ

7:30 – 2010

10pm – The rope.


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