I’m wrapping up Betsfactor today, with a finale called “Everything Day”. There’ll be a couple more podcasts though, but don’t expect me to do too many more of these special days. I think I have said enough now. You either buy it or you don’t! If you’re brand new to the world’s greatest multimedia brand, then have a read of this, this, this, and this  first! Or just scroll down to the bottom!

I supped some, now lukewarm, coffee.

“So, do you agree that they were trying to dampen Tamera’s vote”.

Rob paused.

“The colour vomit, the red and black clouds, the car cr….”

“Yeah OK”.

“Well guess what my love, there’s more. Eeeeven more”, I proclaimed with a delighted grin.

” Now remember I don’t know whether any of this really works, but I do reckon the producers think it does. Otherwise, why aren’t these events random? Whatever you think, I reckon it’s a good suggestion for their intentions and what they want to happen.”

“OK – so they try and pull down Tamera…”

“AND – in a double sensation, they tried to pull UP all the male contestants. I think they think Sam’s safe, so they needed to pull the others clear of the bottom.”.

“So what, gold lighting and stuff…?”

“Well, I have this thing called Star Crazy… Let me take you back to 2010…”

Rob laughed.

“We need wifi… Does the NEC have wifi? I need to show you something.”

We huddled around our Samsung Galaxy S4s and used the superb quality 4.99 inch screen to watch a couple of Youtube videos.


The Semi Final of 2010 was when they got most desperate. Mary Byrne AND Cher Lloyd in the final? Simon’s dreams of making One Direction the first billion dollar boyband sunk by a load of housewives in Doncaster, voting for a dinnerlady?

No way, it’s time to let the sun shine….

Cue Labrinth,

What’s that behind Rebecca?

What’s that shining behind One Direction?

And, can we spot something here – a slightly less obvious sun?

Noooooo….. Go back and actually click on the video. Don’t be lazy. I’m NOT talking about the background!

What’s strange is I can’t see any stars beaming down in Mary’s performance?

And…. just for good measure who did they decide to Kye Fawkes? Who was sent up in flames?

When we got to the final five, the three contestants given the universe’s biggest star made the final. The two who didn’t hit the bottom two.

What an absolutely astonishing coincidence.

Is there anyone else who got lots of sunshine at a critical moment?

There are probably plenty of other examples.

Sunshine, Stars and “New Dawns” are frequently used towards the end of the competition to give a few… positive rays to a contestant.

I think you know what’s next don’t you!



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