Well, I couldn’t resist. If you’re new to the world’s greatest TV betting blog, please do start at the “Welcome section”.

As ever, I’d urge you to read the superb Sofabet for analysis. Always hugely amused when I see phrases like “colour vomit” being used in everyday language.

I felt this year had a real 2011 feel and thus far I’ve been proved right…! Favourites being smashed to pieces, in the most sensational multiweek supernuke. Fancy a bite to eat? Under the radar winners gently and slowly building to victory.

The only difference was, they decided earlier. I suspect on Sunday 12th October.

I’m thrilled to be listening to the Big Top 40 with Uptown Funk jumping in at #4, pumping out across hundreds of radio stations right now. It’s not a dead cert yet though!

The answer was in this ludicrous performance…..

I’ve had a wonderful year, assuming no crazy shocks; hope you did too. All the Betsfactor classics were there; although some failed to ignite – they’re signs, clues – it’s never in the bag.

Franchise. Ratings. Record Sales. In that order. The franchise matters more than anything.

All the stars are coming out tonight. They’re lighting up the sky tonight. For You. For You.

StarCrazy 2014


Same show. Different Year.

Franchise. Every time.


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