Cash Stash

This was last year’s “cash stash”. Anyone with a E grade in GCSE maths can tell that actually the return in 2011 was 588% rather than 7940% – but my method of calculation is much much better for hype.

Here’s the full record of how badly this site is doing….


Main Bets

Rhythmix to outperform expectations 75/1 (To be hedged later)  Ha – I don’t think so.

Craig to win 7/1  – Just a small bet for a laugh.

Week One

BetNu Vibe to go from groups. (3.95).

WIN/LOSE – Tulisa screws up our bet and ditches the band that could actually sing, in favour of a bunch of thuggish looking angry teenagers who definitely can’t.

Running total = Minus 1.

Week Two

Bet  – Marcus to go (25/1)

WIN/LOSE – It was “in no particular order”, but Marcus was last to survive meaning we got very excited. Not even making it into the bottom two meant he was safe. And another cock up for Betsfactor. Still a great price though.

Running total = Minus 2

Week Three

Bet – Sammi to go (7/2)

WIN/LOSE – Goodbye now.

Running total = Plus 1.5 points.

Week Four

Bet – Sophie to go (2/1)

WIN/LOSE – All the best my love.

Running total = Plus 3.5 points

Week Five

Bet – Frankie to go (2.2)

WIN/LOSE – Well he did, but just a few days after.

Running total = Plus 2.5 points

Week Six

Bet – Kitty to go (1.6)

WIN/LOSE – Will quite clearly happen

Running total = Plus 3.1 points

Week Seven

Bets – HALF Janet to go (4.5)

FULL – Deadlock (2.4)

WIN /LOSE – It was worth a punt on Janet and Deadlock looked a near certainty. Another 90% return…

Running total = Plus 4 points

Week Eight

Bets – Janet to go 1.97

WIN/LOSE – It was just too blatant this week!

Running total  = Plus 4.97 points

Week Nine

Bets – Hedge against Little Mix going – so 1pt at 16/1

WIN/LOSE – We expected this to be a loser

Running total = Plus 3.97

Week Ten

Bets – Amelia to be kicked off next – 2.08


Running total = Plus 5.05


Little Mix to beat Misha – Match Bet 1.6

Hedged at 1.25 = 35% return.

Minus the point for the Craig bet

TOTAL RETURN = Plus 4.40

+ 75 points from the WIN

GRAND FINALE WIN = 79.4 points up.

We then had a little more on Kye to be Kye Fawkes, taking us to 82.9 points.

In 2013 we then played the Eurovision markets and completely messed it up. Wasting 7pts

We also forecast Jade Roberts to win the X Factor, with a view to hedging. And screwed that up. Wasting another 3pts (which is why this site is for “entertainment purposes only”!)

We then had 2 pts on Abi at 3.0 to go = 4pt profit – 76.9pts

Luke to hit the bottom two – 2pts at 1.67. = PENDING= 1.34 profit

Tamera to hit the bottom two – 6pts at 1.67 = WIN = 4.02 profit

Tamera to be eliminated – 2 pts at 3.0 = WIN = 4 pts profit

= Profit of 9.36 pts + 76.9 = current running total –  86.26 pts

Current Bank Balance = 86.26 pts

Once again, you should NOT follow these tips – this is just for entertainment and also so I put my money where my big mouth is.

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