Well hello.

Welcome to Betsfactor. This was a silly site I set up in 2011, for a laugh and to learn about blogging. It didn’t really take off, but attracted interest in the TV betting blog circles. Also my friends enjoyed it, and it made them to watch the X Factor in a different way!

In 2012 I was more half baked as I had a lot on. In 2013, we had our world class Eurovision coverage to start the year, where we managed to lose 7 pts. It’s now the end of 2013 and I’ve moved into the glitzy world of podcasting having suggested that Jade Richards looked great value for the win. Again.

If you didn’t read the 2011  blog, you’ve let yourself down. Here’s what you need to read:

Red and Black Day

Wishing on a Star Day

The Historic Announcement  and plenty of


More Reasons

And More Reasons

and more reasons

How Janet Devlin was nuked

When other lame sites were desperately clinging on to the crackpot idea of backing Marcus in the final, the producers were digging the Collins Coffin

There was loads and loads and loads of other stuff, Personally I would start at the beginning and enjoy the whole story. It has a very happy ending.

In 2012 we had a range of new theories including

Delight The Demo

Star Crazy

Kye Fawkes Night

and my astonishing Three Prophecies 

Plus the 30 ways they nuked Christopher on Final Night.

In 2013, we had the absolutely superb Betsfactor Podcast, which at one stage was ranked about 4th in the UK and Ireland iTunes TV and Film chart. For about 30 minutes. Much of the analysis was on the podcasts which you can still download and enjoy alone, or with friends and family.

We still delighted our readers with a new landmark theory – Colour Vomit,

We called the winner correctly – eventually, and of course there was our finest hour when a staggering series of tips all came off on…

EVERYTHING DAY, which seemed a fitting place to end the Betsfactor Blog.

Disclaimer – Never, ever follow the advice or tips on here! The two reasons I publish them are so I can dress the site up in hyperbole and so that you actually see me put my money where my mouth is. I am an idiot and you should never risk any of your own money on these remarks, despite the hyperbole.

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